La panthère by Farah is a story of passion and savoir-faire it started by the love of gemstones and their powerful healing benefits .
Our designer Farah was predestined to work with gemstone and transfigure them into pieces of art .

Located in gold and diamond park Dubai where she first started making her own personal high jewelry collections she was persuaded with starting her own path in jewelry making world .

Our designs pursue the philosophy of spatial integration involving geometrical design elements inspired by the modern architecture of the city of Dubai using genuine gemstones selected with care and passion .

While jewelry does have a deeper meaning than just a material fashion It can lift our mood, make us feel amazing about ourselves and also serve as a way for us to express our unique sense of style .
Our vision
Femininity and fashion we creates innovative and timeless jewels to accompany women everyday and also during the most joyful moments of their lives.

Our Inspiration
Our fashion forward alluring designs are inspired by fierce female who works to empower herself and empower others. She isn't afraid to acknowledge her fear but she tries so hard to be brave and courageous. An extraordinary woman  who is extremely driven and focused to achieve her goals while staying sincere, kind and compassionate .
Contemporary brand our mission is to make innovative pieces of art in jewelry form out of Gold, Diamond and precious stones .
Our fine jewelry is made to last
when we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in place .
we see it as our main mission to provide convenience, high quality and a better service to our customers .